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At what age should we begin obedience class?

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I have the opportunity to work with an australian shepherd rescuer who is also a behaviorist/trainer. She's holding obedience classes and I can go through the classes with Gunner for free. What age would be the best time to start? He's going to be around dogs that are UTD on shots. I just wanted to take advantage of it. He may be 8 weeks when the classes start and I didn't know if that was too early..
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It would be worth it to drop in for socialization and to observe the training. He's too young to enroll him in this session and I"d wait for the next group. He won't get much out of class at 8 weeks old when they have the attention span of a watermelon.
It depends on the type of class. I start all my dogs in a Puppy Obedience class at 8 weeks of age. The class is designed to help socialize pups as well as teach them. By the end of class my Chinese Crested had a VERY fast Sit, an ok Down (she wasn't sure on that one) and an awesome recall!
We have puppy classes for dogs up to 5 months old and start them in obedience 1 beginning at 5-6 months.

That said - pups can learn at any age. Aussies are extremely smart and could easily learn basics in a group environment. They need work and focus.

What are the ages of the dogs in the class?
our local obedience lets dogs from 8 wks on up and it is just basic sometimes the pups does way better than the
The dogs are all ages. She's inviting her adoptees to come for free sessions. It's just basically like classes you would take at Petco or something. They'll get help with basic obedience, behavioral problems, etc. The main reason I want to do it is for the socialization and if he picks up on some things, great. If not, thats why we're joining the local KC.
There's no such thing as too early provided methodology is positive and expectations are realistic for the pup.
Originally Posted By: ZeusGSDThere's no such thing as too early provided methodology is positive and expectations are realistic for the pup.
I agree.
The class sounds like too good a deal to pass up. Sounds like she will tailor the class to whichever dogs come. You will be surprised how much your dog will learn.

Go for it!
My pup is in class right now. She started this week. She's 10 weeks old. This isn't just a fun run-around and socialize kindergarten. Our homework is to learn "wait" this week. I've already taught her Sit, which she has down cold. Down, which she has about 80%, and Come, which is at about 70% (not bad for a beagle!

Puppies love to learn at this age. They think you're the best and they'll try almost anything, especially for a snack!

As long as the class requires all dogs to have their vaccines current and it's held at a location that is kept clean (no dog poop lying around, that sort of thing), I think you should definitely go!

Even if the class moves at a faster pace than your pup can keep up, you just move at your own pace and let this be a great opportunity for Gunner to get extra socialization. And, there's no reason you couldn't repeat the class again if it turns out that the class was too advanced for him this time.
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