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I just read this on another forum, maybe worth checking into with your pups issues,
this thread was about vaccinations and how we as owners need to do our own research to be proactive:
A case in point about a vet that I used for a year or so. My 4 mos old male was having terrible stool issues for months. Basically since the day I got him at 8 weeks. I tried all kinds of foods, etc and nothing worked. We ruled out all of the giardias, coccidias, etc. I did some research and then asked them to run tests for me. They did not really want to but finally conceded. I wanted TLI, B-12 and folate tests run. They said that it was pointless to run this on such a young dog. I disagreed and insisted. I fasted him and we ran the tests. Boy am I glad I did. The tests came back showing low folate which meant Small Intestine disease. I immediately switched him to a grain free food and his issues went away. Had I not insisted on that, we would have continued on for who knows how long.
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