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From yesterdays Animal Doctor in the Washington post.

Animal Doctor
American breeding standards cripple German shepherds

Dear Dr. Fox:

We have lost two precious, beautiful German shepherds. Both had crippling hind-leg deterioration. The strength in their hind legs and lower back appeared to simply give out. One of them finally couldn't walk at all.

Is there any way we can prevent this from happening to future German shepherds? Or is the species doomed?



DF: If you go to Germany, you will see what the standards are before anyone with a registered German shepherd is permitted to breed the dog and sell any of the puppies as certified pedigree offspring.

What U.S. breeders have done to this superb breed is a tragedy: selectively breeding dogs with sharply sloping hindquarters as a desirable breed standard. In actuality, they have created weak-legged dogs prone to hip and spinal problems. In Germany, the breed club is not permitted to breed such a dog and sell the pups.

I will never forget seeing a pathetic -- but otherwise healthy and spirited -- American-bred German shepherd pup of 16 weeks dragging and flapping his deformed hindquarters as he tried to play with my dogs in the local park. At least he had been neutered.

Much can be done to help such dogs, including massage therapy; physical therapy, especially swimming; acupuncture; and anti-inflammatory herbal supplements when there is pain, one of my choices being New Chapter's Zyflamend.
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