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Arthus von lunsholz

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I'm thinking of getting a pup from a 4-5 linebreeding on arthus. Can you tell me what the advantages are risks of this are? I read on a post that linebreeding on arthus is risky, and wondered why. I've been told this dog is very hard and strong and a linebreeding on him should be awesome. The pup i'm looking at is 6 months and of the 3 the breeder prescreened for hips and elbows all were clear.
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Hips and elbows would be the first thing that came to mind - but be aware that elbows cannot be truly assessed prior to growth plates closing at about a year.....

Could be an awesome pup - Arthus was a good producer!

Arthus is one of the best sons of Greif z Lahntal, IMO. I've got Arthus in the pedigree of most of my dogs, have owned an Arthus grandson and my first SchH dog was an Arthus great-grandson.

Yes, he brings hardness, power and aggression in bitework. This line can also bring sharpness and a very high level of drive, sometimes leaning toward a tendency of capping (drive overload) problems.

All of these things can be good or bad, depending on the amount and the overall balance. Breeding is about balance. Extremes at either end of the spectrum, or an overall lack of balance, creates dogs that are not of proper GSD temperament and can be very difficult to work.

Sharpness is a classic, and easily understood example. A good GSD should have a degree of sharpness, and the presence of sharpness vs lack of it is one of the things that differentiates a "real" dog from a "sport" dog. But too much of it, especially if combined with less than very strong nerve, can create a dog who is outright dangerous. A little bit is good. Too much is bad. And how things turn out are also very dependent on other balancing factors in the pedigree.

Another thing to watch with Greif lines is joints, but as the pups are prelimed that's not an issue here.

A 4-5 linebreeding is pretty far back and even with a rather prepotent dog like Arthus and his sire, Greif, isn't going to have huge genetic influence. And much of how it turns out depends on what else is in the pedigree. You can say "linebreeding on X is good" or "linebreeding on X is bad". You have to know what else, other than X, is in the pedigree.

All that said, considering these are 6 month old pups, I'd ignore the pedigree and look at the DOGS. These pups are plenty old enough to evaluate for drive, nerve and overall working potential. Pedigrees just allow you to guess at what a dog should be, the dog will show you who he is. Since we work dogs, not pieces of paper, looking at the later is a much better way to gage the dog's suitability for your goals.
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Thanks for the advice and info. I didn't think a linebreeding of 4-5 would mean much because it's so high up? The chairman at my club checked the dog out and said she has plenty drive and a nice grip. He's suprisingly impressed with the pup and said it showed everything possible for a pup of that age. I mentioned the sire is from j litter talka marda and dam is Nora von weinbergblick?
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