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Are Pain Killers Bad?

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My dog is about 100 pounds. I am wondering if I can give him any sort of tylenol, advil, perkiset or some sort of pain killer he seems to be in a lot of pain.
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Why is he in a lot of pain? You don't want to resolve the symptom before finding out the root cause. Have you taken him to the vet?
No, I Have not. but he has chewed most of the fur off a spot on his rear end. He will also not get up off his bed. Are aspirin bad because i already gave him one?
Did you give him buffered aspirin? Please call your vet office before giving dogs meds. If he is in that much pain that he can't get off his bed, please call and get him in ASAP.
I'm certainly not a vet and times may have changed but I had an old dog that for the last 3 years of his life was on a daily regimen of 100mg aspirin a day per vets orders.
You don't say how old your dog is or what kind of pain he has. I think I'd see a vet before medicating him. If he just has old age related aches and pains the vet may very well recommend some kind of mild pain killer. If he's not that old something is obviously amiss.
If he is in pain..

If he has chewed his fur off in one spot because of pain..

If he will not get up from bed because of pain..

Go to the vet's. No apsirin, no advice from us, nothing will help your dog except picking up the car keys and heading off to the vet's.

Sending good thoughts that you will very quickly get him in to your vets and that all will be okay.
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Welcome to the board. You will meet lots of knowledgeable people here. Sorry your first posts had to be about your dog not doing so well.

I agree with everyone else. You should take him in to see the vet.

Good luck and please keep us posted.
Quote: Are aspirin bad because i already gave him one?
Never give medication to a dog before knowing what you're doing and what you're giving at what dose. If it were a different pain med, you could have killed your dog.

Please take your dog to the vet. This does not sound normal and you could do a whole lot of harm trying to treat your dog at home. He could be arthritic, dysplastic, he could have spondylosis, DM, a back injury, an impacted anal sac, a hotspot, an internal injury/issue, who knows. Your vet needs to see the dog BEFORE you give any meds to better make an accurate diagnosis.

Vet vet vet!
Agree with everyone else. Human pain meds can effect our pups immune systems. Never self medicate a furbaby.
Originally Posted By: MaxGunnartylonal and advil I think are toxic for dogs,
I sure hope not. I have had a vet prescribe "Advil".

Ibuprofen and acetaminophen (and other painkillers) should both be left to a vet to prescribe if there is any question in the dosage or the animal's condition.
Originally Posted By: BlackGSD
Originally Posted By: MaxGunnartylonal and advil I think are toxic for dogs,
I sure hope not. I have had a vet prescribe "Advil".
well there ya go, more reason to see a vet and not take medical advice off the net
My vet has told me I can give Rocky plain asprin but I never have. Anything that hurts him to the point that I would consider giving him something would result in a vet visit.
Just got back from the vet today. Duff has arthritis it not too severe yet but we are giving him supplements as well as some prescribed pain killers. Hopefully these will help diminish the pain and slow down the arthritis. Thanks for all help and comments.
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