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Are 2 dogs easier than one?

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I'm not thinking of getting a second dog (yet), but I noticed on another thread on a different topic, that a couple of people mentioned they think having 2 dogs is easier than one. So I was wondering, is that the consensus among people who've had 2 dogs at a time? I have considered getting another dog when Kodee's older (he just turned one), but honestly, as much money and time as I put into him (he's very spoiled and I work with him a lot, so I've spent a lot of money on equipment) not to mention vet and food, etc, that I honestly don't know if I could afford 2 dogs. Also, I like being able to give all my love to him, and not worrying about treating 2 dogs equally (I'm the kind of person that if I pay attention to one for 4 minutes, I would feel bad if I didn't pay the other one attention for 4 minutes.) LOL!

So, are 2 dogs really easier than 1? Or twice as much work/money?
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I for one think it is twice the work, Although it is a labor of love. I have fosters frequently and I must say when I have only my girl in the house it is much quieter and calmer. I dont trip over animals and there are never any disruptions, meal time is easier and I dont worry about any squabbles when I'm not looking. Of course, watching the dogs play and the how sweet they are when they sack out together on the floor is always a pleasure and makes up for any inconvenience. If we had more room, I think it would be different for me and perhaps easier to accommodate another dog more comfortably, for now, I will stick to just one forever dog, and help fosters as I can.
I have 3 shepherds, it is alot of work and somedays I wonder what am I doing then others I wouldn't trade it for anything
I found that two dogs were harder than one, but numbers 3+ were not that much extra work (don't know why, guess I just got used to early morning and late night multiple walks). I currently have 4 of my own and one foster pup, really makes for an interesting life - there's never a dull moment here!
Originally Posted By: KodeeGirlSo, are 2 dogs really easier than 1?
In my eyes, yes. They are a pack and love to be together. My boys are like peanut butter & jelly and get along great. I wouldn't have it any other way. There is always plenty of luvin' to go around. just like having more than one child, you will have plenty to give. Each will have their own needs "emotionally" just like children. Heck, they're easier than skin kids to me LoL ...

Originally Posted By: KodeeGirlOr twice as much work/money?
Yes on the money front, unless you're like me and work at a vets then you save a bundle LoL. Food obviously will double, but you buy bigger bags if you feed kibble and it's cheaper anyway. I didn't notice a huge difference. And to me, they are worth it, and man they are way cheaper than skinkids LoL ...As for 'work' .. you're gonna have twice as much poop and hair, but hey, the unconditional love you'll get from them will be worth it more than you know.

I got Obi at 4months old when Zeke was about 2 yrs old. Zeke being so mellow and great with other dogs, it was a great transition. He loves his lil bruddah ...
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For me it's easier, surprisingly, even though the amount of work doubled for sure. I have to walk, train and take them places separately because Yana is a reactive fearful dog and I can't allow Anton to copy her fearful responses. I hope that later when Anton has more training I can take them both at the same time.

The good thing is that they love each other and are great companions, and they balance each other. Also somehow Anton is my boy and Yana is turning into a true daddy's girl. Two dogs brought balance into our family that we didn't have with just one.

About money, if you have a healthy dog than the only additional money you spend is on food and training.
I have 3 and I must be nuts. 2 is not hard 3 is a pain.
Having two dogs is indeed easier. Imagine for example having one child. How much more are you involved in occupying their time than parents with two children who can keep each other company and play together?

Although I grew up the son of a breeder and trainer who had many GSDs around at any one time I only had one dog that was mine for most of my life. Dad gave each of his children a single dog to raise as we grew up and we had that one dog until they passed on. With five children he couldn't really have done much more as he already had many dogs around to begin with. At one time we had a dozen adult dogs living at my parents' house. All were allowed inside although we also had a large outdoor kennel.

So as I left my parents' house I continued on with just one dog never thinking any differently. A year and a half ago I was working long hours away from home all day and Odin was suffering for it. He was lonely and it was getting to him. So I got Frigga to keep him company while I was away. It numbers among the smartest things I've ever done. Both dogs blossomed as time went on. Although we had several rough months at first they have become quite devoted to each other. Dogs are social animals. Imagine being the only human among those of a different species. Wouldn't it be better to have another human with you?

So yes, it is easier both in their keeping each other company and in being well socialized and frankly, happy well adjusted dogs.
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For pets, it's not really twice the work, as they will exercise one another playing, assuming they get along.

This is true for us now, but when we had two when our children were little, two was one too many. They're grown and gone, and we now have 2 GSDs and a Toy Spitz, and are tuning up older pups to stairs, cats (have 2 of those too) from time to time (have one now - not breeding, but live real close to my last pup's breeder, who we've become good friends with.)

If you're working them in anything, even OB, it's a factor of # of dogs, times how long it takes to do whatever. And costs are higher, but you find yourself looking for deals, restuffing and sewing toys, making beds, doing more home vetting, etc. to compensate.

They don't go to college or drive cars though, so it's doable!

Different strokes for different folks, but we're enjoying it, and the dogs seem to be too.
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I have found that once everyone knows their place, things go very well with more than one dog. A pack is a pack and having another canine in the pack is not much of an effort......for me. For some it might prove to be a hassle to have to walk two dogs, feed two dogs, train two dogs, clean up after two dogs but if you understand the physical challenge of having more than one dog, two or more is not really a strain.
I have 3 kids, the younger 2 are twins. All children should be twins so why not have 2 dogs? I read somewhere that having twins doesn't really cost 2x as much a singleton. It's more like 1 1/2x - lol - for me it was like having a singleton becuase boy twin wears his older brother's clothes.

Having a pack of 2 makes it much smoother, they have eachother to entertain. It takes a while but they're good when they figure out their position in the pack, like Dano said. First we had Luther, then we adopted Gideon - the boys faught sometimes but after Giddy died, Luther was so sad. Morgan moved in and he was never happier. He always looked out for her and she adored him.

Now Otto is trying to figure out where he belongs in the pack. He's only been with us 8 days and at his breeders, he was with his litter, a few older puppies and 10 bitches, including his mother. So guess what, he drives Morgan crazy.
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I think it's easier. It might not be if I was on my own, but I have my husband to help me. I find that they keep each other company, and our older pup helps in training the younger one. Pax (the younger one) sees brutus do everything and mimics it quite quickly. Fortunately for us, Brutus was already trained when Pax came home, so there were no bad habits to mimic. The food bill won't change that drastically until they're bigger (both are just pups now). And we do a lot of home remedies for other things, like beds and toys. Plus, it's twice the kisses and love!
I think it depends on a lot of factors. Right now I've got a young dog and an old dog. They get along very well but they run at very different speeds so it really is more working having two--4 walks a day (3 short, slow walks with both and one long one with Rafi), different foods and supplements, etc., etc.

I do like having two dogs though.
I have Heidi and Max, hes 3 shes 2, they get along very well and keep each other company, when i`m not here, am thinking about another come Nov, I know I must be nuts
At first no ... it was much, much harder having two than just one.

But, as time goes on and they grow up and you overcome the obstacles that were once there it was worth all of the time, hardwork and effort. Now b/c they are 3 and 2 I think it's much easier than when she was a puppy. I go through the same steps each morning and evening regardless whether it's 2, 3 or 4 dogs.

For me the only time having one is easier is when it comes to Vet time .... when I take them both to the Vet by myself, I'm exhausted by the time I leave!! I definitely get my workout in the for the day!
It depends. But in all honesty, I only found it true that two were less trouble than one in one case. Barker the Elder was an only for a bit over a month when my other dog died (at 15). Barker the Elder let me know she was going to be a PIA without someone to pester -- er, someone besides ME to pester. Now Barker the Elder's predicessor was the second dog - that is I had another one before he came to my door in need. He had a history of going through windows and opening doors to escape. At my house, he was fine with a companion. He may not have been left alone.

My first dog ever was happy being an only. He did not like it when I got him a companion. His new companion would have been happier as an only or with a more welcoming companion.

Two are harder to accomodate on trips. Just going to the vet it is easier to manage one than to manage two.
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I don't know if it is any easier, but at least somewhat comparable to having one. And it does depend on many factors, like the age of the dogs, or if the one dog is really just happy being the only dog. We have had one, then a senior plus a puppy, then just a puppy, and now 2 sortof puppies (a little under 2yrs) I have heard that once you add a third it is a lot harder.

I think like said above it is easier as they have a play buddy and another dog companion (even when you are there as well all the time)

I think it is more work/time/money just because our 2 have gone to different training things and have different personalities, so that is 2 different trainers at 2 different times. And it is double with vet/food costs. BUT then again, easier to buy in bulk

The BIGGEST thing I notice with 2 vs 1 is the MESS, not the money or time. With one in the house it seemed SO much easier to keep things clean. Besides the fact that our two gsd's now take EVERY opportunity that it rains/snows/or is otherwise muddy to engage in a full out mud wrestling match
Then you have 8 paws instead of 4 to wipe off, and then double the shedding and we all know how that is!!

That being said, I don't think we will ever not have 2. But probably no more than that at least for awhile. 2 is a good number for us, I also like having a male and a female at the same time.
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Maxie was happiest as a only puppy, she did not really care for other dogs occupying her space. My other 5 are cared for as individuals, and I think they would do fine single or paired up.
I can't imagine having only one. 4, for me, is very manageable though there are days when two sounds wonderful.
I doubt I will ever have only one if for no other reason than how awful it would be to lose that one and be dogless. Right now I have 5. That is too many.
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I think it depends on the first dog. If you have them well trained and they are able to help modleing desired behaviors, it's great.

Two dogs aren't really a pack, it's when you go beyond that number that you are looking at more work, in my mind. But everyone has their own limit (up to a reasonable amount) as to what is too much.

Plus factor in other pets, committments-kids, whatever. So you are responsible for X number of beings.
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