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Well, Apollo has been petrified of the treadmill since he was a pup, and yesterday and today I have been working with him and the treadmill. For now, just getting him close to it, and getting him on it without it on. He has been doing great. I think he likes it because of all of the love and treats he gets when he gets close, or on it. He still has more work to do, but he's getting so much better!

Zeus on the other hand wasn't afraid of the treadmill, so we got him up there, put it on the lowest setting, with a treat infront of the treadmill as a lure. He was on it for five minutes, nibbling the treat, and when the treat was gone, he hopped off! I was tempted t put him back on there and take him off so he knew I ended his sesssion and not him, but he did well, so I didn't.

A double brag for both, I have been bringing my cats inside to sleep in my room during the day, and I have been doing some training with them and the cats. They're still watching the cats, but they are listening to me, so that's a good start. They are also less excited than they used to be, so that's good too.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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