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Apollo was using his brain!

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Well, some of you may disagree with this, but I've heard that if we're gonna integrate them, letting them play, and letting Apollo dominate Zeus has to be done. Plus, they were so frustrated being seperated from one another. So, Zeus has gained some size on him, and Apollo is gentle, so we decided to start letting them be together.

Well, today we let them out, and Apollo and Zeus start playing. Initially it wasn't play, as Apollo was doing everything to dominate Zeus. Well, Zeus being a VERY vocal boy, was barking and hollering, he did not like being dominated one bit, he's quite feisty. After a few minutes or so, the boys started running laps around the room, playing. Apollo made no move to further dominate him, and well, if he had wanted to hurt Zeus, he wouldn't done it by now.

Being the feisty pup that Zeus is, he bit poor Apollo on the butt! Apollo didn't see it coming and yelped, so he barked at Zeus to get him to settle down, but then they started running laps again around the sofa. Apollo was starting to get tired of Zeus' biting because Apollo was mouthing, whereas Zeus was biting, so Apollo outsmarted Zeus. Apollo used his weight to his advantage, and when Zeus went to bite, Apollo spun his butt right into Zeus' face, or he would push Zeus over a bit so he wouldn't get bit.

I was proud of my boy for being gentle with Zeus, and using his brain! After they play fought for 2 hours, we set water down for both of them, but they ended up drinking from the same bowl! We always taught Apollo not to be food or water aggressive. After they had water, they both settled down for a nap in the bathroom in my parent's bedroom, it was too cute!

They seem to be getting along swell. I this may have been earlier than some of you guys would advise, but what do you guys think about this? I have some really good pictures to post later, so that's coming soon.
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Sounds good! I let mine play together from the very beginning, but I supervised until I was sure that they'd be fine. Dena was 13 months old when I got Keefer at 9 weeks old, so there was a much bigger age and size difference between them then between your two.
Mine have played together everyday for the past 5 weeks also. I posted pictures last night from their "play" time.
Mine have played together from day one, but they're females, so it may be different in that area...But it sounds as though you're boys are going to be good buds! goodluck!
Some people have told me to wait until Apollo was eight months, and Zeus was Five months, but Zeus is so feisty he can certainly hold his own because Apollo won't bite him, matter of fact, he uses his weight more often than mouthing. Apollo has always been a gentle boy, plus he tried to walk his little brother with the tug toy, too cute!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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