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Apollo and Zeus

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Okay, so I finally got some pics of their attempts today. My Dad was stacking them. I know, still not a great stack, but we're getting there. Is there anything you can tell from these half stacks? Anything you can suggest on their foot placings? I know their front feet need to be directly under them, but besides that.

Apollo first:

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nice looking dogs. you're going to win no matter what class you enter in.
Thanks, we're not actually showing them though
for now, they're just family companions. My hope is that I can get them started in tracking, or agility when they're older. They're always sniffing the ground, and they're father was a sch 3 who did really well at tracking. Their mother was sch 1 as well, and in my area there aren't any nearby clubs, so it will be a teach yourself deal.
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Where are you in FL?
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