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Have a working breed Female GS. She is15 months old. She is Resource guarding me and im having trouble breaking her of that. I have trained her the basics, i even had a trainer come but he also just taught the basics ( sit, stay, down, heel, stay in place....ect) she does all that well. But she is not socialized so i tried taking her to a day care place that has a trainer ( this also happens when i take her to the vet) the gets " mouthy" any time anyone get near me. She barks, tries to nibble at them...ect. Just makes a ruckus. Soon as they take the leash and get 5 feet away from me she stop and seems to calm down and let them take her away outside to the cage, but she wont interact with any of the other people at the day care or any of the other dogs at all, she will try to go at them they say.

Same thing at Vet, when they walk up to me she gets " mouthy" and barks like crazy, soon as i get them to take the leash and they are away from me she calms down.

To me that is dangerous and worries me, around the house and my neighbor and my kids and grandkids she is as sweet as can be.

From reading up on it , she is resource guarding me, but its a real problem as i can take her to the vet, to the day care or anywhere else it seems when she behaves like that, i know im most of the problem as i did not socialize her well and due to work havent been able to take her out around stores ( around the doors where people come and go ) to teach her that is not ok to act like that.

At this point i think i need professional help to try and help her get over this resource guarding before it gets to late.
What are your Thoughts?
Any good videos on what i can do?
Any good trainers in my area that could help?
I know im in the wrong, but what can i do to make it right now?
Is it to late? what can i do?
Thank you for the help?
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