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anyone in the Seattle area?

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There's a good chance that my family (dogs, cats, horse and all) will be moving to Seattle at the end of the summer. Anyone here that can tell me about life with a GSD in the area? Are there good places to go off leash? I'd love to find a big dogs playgroup with good, responsible owners so Cyrus can have some buddies to romp with.
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Seattle and Puget Sound are extremely dog friendly.

These books will probably help you get started:

Seattle Dog Lover's Companion by Steve Giordano

and Best Hikes With Dogs in Western Washington by Dan Nelson

When I first moved here, the Seattle Dog Lovers Companion gave me all sorts of info about dog parks, dog beaches, even restaurants that my dogs were welcome in.

If you are on Dogster (you can join for free), there are groups that you join, where members chat about places to go, and sometimes meet, like Dogs in Washington and Puget Sound Pups. So that's another resource.

Everyone always speaks of Marymoor Park over in Redmond as the coolest dog-related thing in the Seattle area, and it's pretty nice (it's a big dog park, but some of the owners can be a little too "checked out" for my taste). But there is so much in Puget Sound for dogs and dog owners (including several charitable dog walks a year, if that's your thing!) I'm certain you and Cyrus will have no trouble finding lots of stuff to do!
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