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Anyone Feed Evo??

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Last week I got the news any dog owner dreads - Duncan, one of my lab mixes has Mast cell neoplasia. It is a grade II and staging today points to it not having spread.

I have done some reading around and people seem to recommend a low carb higher protein food, Evo being one suggestion for a commercial diet. I looked at the Evo website and was really taken aback by the calories per cup as Duncan has weight management issues. I was wondering how much those of you who feed Evo give per meal compared to your pups previous diet.

Many thanks
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no exp with evo, just wanted to put it out there for you to check wellness core reduced fat. its grain free, high protein (not sure how carbs compare to evo), low cals & fat.
I will second the Wellness Core.....or, ask your vet about the new specially formulated Hills product for dogs with Cancer.

Sorry to hear your news, good luck
Yes, I started feeding Jake Evo RM last October when he was first diagnosed with Fibrosarcoma. He did start putting on weight right away, which he can not afford to, as he gains very easily, and a big boy.

We were only feeding him 1 cup twice a day with his old food, so we cut back to 3/4 cup twice a day, after seeing the weight gain, and now he is doing fine.

He loves the food, and has done very well on it. The weight gain was the only issue, so we just cut back the amount. He is starting to put more weight on again, but has become less active. We try and still get him out walking, but no matter how much we do, he is losing a lot of muscle mass in both rear legs, and now with the summer Vegas heat approaching, that isn't going to help, so I may be making more changes. I will be keeping him on the Evo, but cutting back and maybe supplement with something to add as a filler.
I have looked at the Hills ND, but it only comes in a canned version and Duncan would need 2 cans a day (yikes). I'll look into the Wellness core, thanks
Not at all sure what message is on this post.Started feeding Eve red meat small bites one month ago.Is there some sort of message in this post for me??
I've been feeding EVO for over 2 years, but I always use the EVO RF (reduced fat.) My dogs are 14.5, 4.5 and 7 and none have a weight problem with the EVO.

It does take less food, even on the reduced fat. My GSD Skye gets 1 1/4 cup morning and night. She maintains a weight of 68 lbs.

I'm not sure everyone realizes that EVO has a reduced fat product.
Oh Yes, I forgot to mention the Reduced fat. Thanks Bonnie.

I don't feed the reduced fat because Jake is Allergic to Chicken and Turkey. But good to know for others that can eat it. It is a great food.
Originally Posted By: Skye'sMom
I'm not sure everyone realizes that EVO has a reduced fat product.
ya, i didnt know this.
I used to feed my Blacklab mix EVO RM and I went from 3 cups a day down to 1 1/2 cups a day. She loved it but I switched her once her activity level dropped so she didn't gain weight.
But overall I had nothing but good experience with the products!
We also feed EVO. The dogs are fed twice a day about 12 hours apart. Frigga gets 1.25 cups per meal and Odin gets 1.75 cups per meal (65 llbs and 125 llbs respectively and no, Odin is not fat. He's very tall and big and of course larger than breed standard). Both dogs are exercised vigorously daily and in the several months now that they've been on EVO (switched from Natura's other brand, California natural) they haven't gotten fat at all. In fact, muscle tone is now showing an improvement whereas coat and skin quality showed an immediate improvement. I expect that as Odin ages in the next couple years I will switch him to the low fat variety as his activity level diminishes. For now we're quite happy with EVO Red Meat large bites.
Just curious, GSDad-
What does Hop Sing eat? My Siamese kept sticking their heads in the dog's bowls when I first gave them EVO. Poor dogs - they aren't allowed to chastise the cats.

I switched the cats to EVO Feline and Tai is still doing great at 17 - looks half the age. (Sadly Taz died last year, but he was almost 20.)

I give EVO
for cats, too!
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Yep, Bonnie, Hop Sing and Hazel also eat EVO Feline.

BTW, my second cat was a Siamese named Tai too.
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i fed the dogs and cats (i have a cat w/IBD who needs to be on grain-free) evo for awhile and everyone got the runs!!!!!!!

but i do know lots of people who feed it with good results.

i really like wellness core, though i haven't fed the reduced fat.
Yep, EVO will indeed cause diarhea if you make the switch too abruptly. The enzymes produced in digesting it are different than in dog food with grain added. It takes much longer to make the switch than going from one grain dog food to another and must be done gradually. I was aware of this when I switched but even I switched to abruptly. What worked was two weeks 50/50 EVO and the old dog food followed by another week 75/25 EVO and the other dog food before finally going 100% EVO. The result is much, much smaller dark dense stools (more nutrition processed in digestion).

I'm not aware of how other grain free dog foods result as I haven't tried any others.
that could be why....i did transition, but quickly. i've introduced other foods abruptly (core and orijen) and everything was fine, but i've also had the impression that evo was fairly rich, so maybe that's why.
Sorry for my previous paranoid post(I just wondered why when ? was about EVO /posters were suggesting something else!)I switched to EVO red meat small bites mixed half and half with his normal Prarie lamb /rice.VERY good results no digestive problems/good poops/no itchies.I did notice gradual weight loss(OK I admit he kinda was a bit belly stuff heavy)he showed NO hunger and great improvement in activity level/coat and overall seems to feeling a helluvaq lot better than when he was on Nutro.Just can NOT afford ALL Evo but even half has done wonders!
SCORE! For those of you that feed EVO, you must check out Complete Petmart if you have one nearby. I was able to buy 1 kilo bags for $3--way cheaper than buying the bigger bags.

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