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Originally Posted By: KodeeGirl
Originally Posted By: doggiedadthis is easy. it's obvious they don't like the decor. redue the basement for them.

My pup Kodee was doing this in the hallway back by the bedrooms, after we had an addition put onto the house. The hallway is part of the addition, as are the bedrooms. He's not allowed in the bedrooms, but he can go into the hallway. I think he didn't realize it was "part of his territory", and thought he could poop there (he did this twice before I caught on). I started spending more time w/him in the hallway, playing w/toys, sitting on the floor w/him, etc, and he no longer poops back there.

They just need to spend more time (supervised, of course) in the basement until they figure out it's part of their territory, and they don't want to soil it. Just my unprofessional opinion.
i was joking about giving the basement another make over!!!!!!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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