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You should definitely send his papers in - it's pretty inexpensive and if you decide to compete, you'll be glad you registered him. If you wait to register him, they charge considerably more after the dog is a year old, then after they are 2, then 3, etc.

Is Luno from lines which have done well in protection sports (or protection work)? Just because a dog is a GSD doesn't mean they are suitable for protection work - coming from a breeder who selects for it is helpful but no guarantee of success. Occasionally dogs who have no family background of this sort of work can do well at it but that isn't really the norm. I'm not saying not to try it if that is really what you want to do, just that you should understand Schutzhund isn't for all dogs (or handlers!). The training methods in SchH can vary from heavily positive to heavily correction based and every thing in between. If you are strongly opposed to the use of choke, prong or e-collars, Schutzhund may not be for you. I think you'd be hard pressed to find a SchH club that doesn't use those some of those tools for at least some dogs. Of course, you should never allow any trainer to push you into something you are not comfortable with, regardless of what you're training for.

Agility and obedience are sports which a much wider range of temperament types (dogs and handlers!) can be successful. Methods for agility more often than not, tend to be much more on the positive side with the use of harsh corrections in agility class generally not viewed as being PC. Competition obedience, like schutzhund can vary greatly depending on where you train.

From what you have posted I would say that agility is probably most in line with what you seem to be looking for - you can do it for fun, it's fast paced and not as "picky" as competition obedience, methods are generally very positive based and dogs and people usually enjoy both it a lot. A bonus would be finding a good trainer in your area who has a good puppy agility/foundation class that you can sign up for :) If you can't get in right away, I think Petsmart offers a Clicker Tricks class which might be good to do while waiting for agility to start. Tricks can set a great foundation for agility by teaching body awareness and building a good working relationship. Tricks are also a great way to teach your dog "how to learn" or teach them how this whole training things works.

As for not using a clicker all the time being bad - it's not bad but it's much more clear to your dog to mark the behavior they are getting a treat for. I teach both the clicker and a word (yes) as markers, so if I don't have a clicker on me, I still have a way of telling the dog "this is why you're being rewarded".
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