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Originally Posted By: boesegsd<span style="color: #993399">I will try to make this short. One of my female's broke out of her kennel when she was 3 months old. I had her mother and my male out running and playing, until my male noticed her and attacked her. I had to pull him off of her and her mother went after him, while I got her in a different kennel. To this day(she just turned 1 in October)they hate each other, and she will show her teeth to him. Both of them go after each other through the kennel's. I am going to put up an additional fence so they can no longer do this when the weather gets warm. I was hoping anyone had any suggestions so I can stop this behavior to where they can tolerate each other, instead of trying to kill each other. I never had this problem happen before. Any help would be appreciated.</span>
Couple of things here.....#1 I would be *very* wary of an adult male that just attacks a 3 mth old puppy for no reason whatsoever, that is not "natural" IMO and I would be concerned about that behavior.

#2 By having these two in eye sight of each other and possibly in bordering kennels you are allowing the frustration and/or defense and fear here to escalate and continue.

You need to identify the antagonist here and correct that dog. Research "inter-dog aggression" and I wish you luck in repairing the relationship as it can be very difficult.

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