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I just brought my girl Juno home (she's 8 weeks old and ADORABLE!) and things are going well. She's smart and has a great food drive! I'm trying to crate train her to potty outside, and it's hit and miss.

We're in a new development so there's MUD everywhere right now, which makes outside not so fun for either of us. And since it's a new development, there's construction during the daytime and there's lots of big trucks that drive by our house (we're on a corner and don't have a fence yet). So in the middle of the night she's great and will poop and pee, and generally if it's quiet outside. But once it's rush hour or if there's a lot of commotion going on outside, she starts whining like crazy and pulling on her leash (she's on a leash since we have no fence :(....) and wanting to go back up the steps to the house.

And once we get in, it's back in the crate with more whining (which makes me feel horrible because her outside was anxious enough) and then wait 10 minutes and out for a quick play in the house and then outside again. Repeat. No peeinig outside, just in the house. I catch her midstream and say 'no' and take her outside but she just starts whining and pulling and getting really freaked out again. She doesn't even finish her pee! Please help! I want her to be able to pee outside and be comfortable doing so...
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