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Anxiety when on leash?

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Anxiety when on leash?

Hello everyone.
I have not posted on here in a while as I have been terribley busy with work and dogs, but I am hoping you will be able to offer some advice.

I have 2 GSD, an amazing 3 year old female and a very handsome 7 month old male. I have had both since they were 8 weeks.

I give my 3 year old PLENTY of excersise as she gets very crazy without regular running. My 6 month old on the other hand gets very little off leash excersise as I am TERRIFIED of damaging his joints(2 times a month on average). He does however, get multiple daily walks.

Last week I moved back out to the country to help out some family and further advance my career. This is the first time my boy has been in the country.

Unfortinately there is no fenced off area yet ( we are starting today but we are expecting a huge snow storm that will surely hinder our progress)

Ever since we arrived here my boy will whine hysterically while walking. Its a constant whine that varies intone. Sometimes it sounds very panicked. He starts pulling like mad, running at the end of the leash and choking himself (I use a flat nylon collar) with this frantic whining that sometimes sounds like Im beating him!
He will dart from side to side.

Sometimes he will turn around and jump up at me a few times, then run back to the end of the leash and pull some more.

Its the whining that really bothers me. Its constant. As long as he is on the leash he is whining, sometimes its very softly.....but it is ever so apparent.

Our walks have become a brutal chore with the pulling, jumping and whining.

Sometimes instead of whining he will bark......."yip yip yip" everytime he takes a step.

I have not really been correcting him. When he gets really out of hand I will stop and say NO......eventually he will stop going forward and make eye contact. When he does this I praise him and we continue on.

I am a very slightly built person (110lbs) and he is becoming very large (70lbs) I cannot have him throwing himself at the end of the leash and screaming like a banshee!

He was so very well behaved in town. He hardly pulled at all and certainly didnt scream bloodly murder on the walks.

He seems very full of energy and anxiety on the walks......not fearful at all, just very "busy". Its hard to describe.

I was thinking of buying him a walking harness, but I feel uncomfortable using them.

When the fence is up I will be able to let him run and we can start working on our OB again, but until then (probably another week) we are kind of stuck on the leash.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I really want to nip this in the bud so he doesnt start doing it in town as well.
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