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I am thinking of going to a trial this weekend to enter rally and if there are entries available for obedience, I might try for UCDX. My question is...

If my dog goes out for the retrieve over the high jump and doesn't return over the jump, I know we NQ. If she looks like she isn't going to take the jump on the way back and I tell her "jump," will we NQ for an additional command or just lose points?

I can't seem to find the answer in the rulebook. Anyone have advice?

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I think the highlighted item applies:

d. Scoring Retrieve Over High Jump. Scoring
for the Open class “Retrieve over High Jump” exercise
is identical to the scoring of the “Recall” exercise
in the Novice class and the Open Class “Retrieve on
Flat” exercises. In addition, the following additional
deductions shall be imposed:
1) Non-qualifying scores.
a) Dog does not go over the high jump both
when fetching and retrieving.


d. Scoring the Recall Over High Jump.
1) Non-qualifying score. The following must be
given a non-qualifying score on this exercise:
a) Handler gives extra command or signal to
“Stay” after leaving the dog’s “Heel” position.
b) Handler steps over the jump.
c) Dog moves from the place where it was left after
the handler commands or signals it to “Stay.”
d) Dog comes before the handler command or signals
the dog to “Come.”
<span style="color: #FF0000">e) Dog fails to come on the first command or signal.</span>
f) Dog climbs, uses the jump for assistance or
goes around the jump.
g) Dog refuses to jump.
h) Dog knocks the jump over.
i) Dog responds to the “Come” command but fails
to come to the handler and sit in front.
j) Dog sits more than arm’s length from the handler.

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Heeling is the only exercise where you can give an extra command during the actual performance of the exercise. During heeling it will be points off until you do it enough times to NQ in heeling. In all other exercises, there are no extra commands allowed during the dogs performance of the exercise.

Darn retrieve over the high.... you throw it and pray your throw is good. Then you send the dog upon the judges cue... and from there on out you must pray they go over the jump, take the dumbell and then return over the jump while you stand there in agony.
Can you tell I love to show? NOT! If you remind the dog to return over the jump...NQ.

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NQ - would be considered an additional command and possibly training in the ring.

When you throw the dumbbell and tell the dog to get it, pay attention to what you are doing as the dog turns to come back. On the return you look toward the jump, that should remind the dog (legally) to take the jump on the return. Follow the dog with your eyes as he returns to front. That helps the dog come in straight. Don't move your head (additional command) but follow with your eyes.

You better your odds with a good throw too.
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