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Another Scam

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I'm pretty sure I have come across yet another "puppy buyer" scam. This one tries the sympathy card by using the I711 text to voice operator (usually used by the deaf) to communicate and then emails. Everything sounds on the up and up right up to the point that he wants to buy every single puppy left in the litter, and ignores the request for references.

Any others come across this?
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and why would people do that? to sell them to others?
There was a thread about this scam not too long ago- same thing, deaf guy, wants to pay more than you're asking for the pup, will send a courier to pick it up, blah blah. Definitely a scam
As I dug a little more, what the scam is, they send you a money order for the cost of the puppy and shipping and they ask you to send the cost of the shipping to their 3rd party shipper. You send the money and a week later your bank gets word that the money order is forged and you are out the shipping money.
One of my mom's friends did that with one of her golden pups. My mom told her it was a scam. Someone in NY wanted one of the pups, and she lives in AZ. My mom TOLD her - don't do it, it's a scam. She said, "No, no."

Sure enough. She lost the pup and was out the shipping.
so not only you are losing the "shipping fee" but you lose the puppy too? thats just messed up.
Yeah. The person in NY got their pup at Mom's friend's expense.

It probably doesn't happen every time, but she thought the entire time that it was legitimate so she went ahead and shipped the pup. At her expense. *Sigh*
I hate it when people take advantage of people who are having trouble with their pupppies.
a lot of scams come through my work from NY, Sorry to be geographically prejudice but i dont trust most calls from NY
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