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Another reason NOT to get a dog b4 starting SAR

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Guys, this is heartbreaking

This past week I know of three dogs who have came available - high drive working dogs.

Two because people got them wanting to do SAR but THEN found out it was not for them due to "it wasn't what they expected" - "it cost too much to do" - "I don't have THIS much time" ........ only one of these three dogs is from a handler who suddently passed away and the other two are folks getting a dog that has a working dog temperament and THEN deciding this was not for them.

If you don't have a dog and want to do SAR, for God's sake, please get on a team first, train with them, go on some searches as ground support. The dog that is going to excel at this is not going to be happy in front of the fireplace.

Our team gets at least one or two donation offers a month. It is sad to think where these dogs may wind up.
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I couldn't agree with you more! Often times I wonder when I see people wanting dogs for Sch. or SAR work how much they've really thought about it and done their research. One neighbor is a good example. I guess he had sceen something on TV with Sch. dogs performing and he thought he had to have one of them!!!! He had gone so far as to contact a breeder in another state and was saying how much the dog would be worth the 10,000 (whatever) pricetag, because that was exactly what he 'wanted'. Every chance I got I worked on him trying to educate him. He sees me OUT with my dogs EVERY DAY and how much time I spend with them and I just kept pointing out that was nothing compared to the amount of time he'd need to put into this dog. I explained the drive and the need for these dogs to work, etc. Finally, he took my advice (thank goodness) and ended up with a older rescue. NOW thats exactly what he needed!!! His lifestyle was not such that he would be able to devote the time, money, etc needed for such a dog. In fact, he had NO CLUE as to what was needed.
Sometimes I think people really have to ask themselfs the hard questions and LISTEN to their own responses.
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