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Another Pittsburgh GSD- 7 month old female

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German Shepherd Pup AKC Papers Female:
Needs Home Due to Moving. If you rent, please do not ask about her. I am having trouble finding a rental that allows her. SHe needs to be adopted by someone that will honestly walk her, and be good to her. She is very hyper, and likes to play!
SHe is 7 momths old. Has all her shots, and up to date!
SHe is fully trained. Housebroke/Knows all her commands.
She knows sit/down/paw/roll over/speak/guard.
She has been raised with children since 8 weeks old. She is very high drive, and is a great family dog, and extremely high guard over her house and family.
I have 4 kids, ages: 9/11/12/18. SHe is great with their friends, and also good with people that I allow in the house. Besides that, she is on high quality food, and has had the best of everything. If you are serious, pleas email me, and we can go from there.
You must have a fenced in yard, she has never ran from me, but if she saw someone on your property with bad intentions, and they run, she will go after them, and "catch" them. SHe was bred from high quality, and does her job well.
Thanks, and have a great day!

Pictures in the ad as well-
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They should contact their breeder. Right?

She looks like one of the dogs that comes from a breeder in Kittaning to me.
Jean, I just emailed them basically the same.

I asked if they had contacted the breeder, as they usually take them back insituations like this, and normally it's stated in the contract that they are to be asked first.

I also said that if the breeder wouldn't help, it might be a good idea to speak with some local rescues for help in screening potential adopters.

She's such a pretty girl, I hope she ends up somewhere great.
Originally Posted By: JeanKBBMMMAANShe sounds very nice. Thanks for contacting them. is the breeder I was thinking of.

Ace88 and Tsars were from there, I think.
I knew who you were talking about. Gino there is part of my girl's pedigree, I had emailed them to ask for any info on an offspring of his...haven't heard back.

I do know that about the time they would have aquired this pup, there were alot of local 'breeders' (some good, some not) with pups available.

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