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Animals can teach us many life skills if we would just slow down and pay attention.

Throughout history and especially in native cultures, the strongest and even the smallest of animals have acted as companions or symbols on our journey toward enlightenment.

Everyone is drawn to the wisdom offered by their favorite animals, and in doing so, we discover what is true in our soul.

There is much we can learn from animals as they offer us the unique opportunity to transcend our human perspective, our pets, the soaring birds, the mysterious sea creatures even the humble insect have been our teachers, guides and mentors.

Animals teach us valuable lessons through their wisdom and feelings about behavior, habit, responsibility and instinct.

Our family pets embody an unconditional love that remains unchanged despite some of the challenges we expose them to.

When we finally get home from our long busy day at work, who’s there to welcome us?

Our loyal GSD… they just want to be loved and enjoyed giving love back.

Because they don’t judge or criticize, they allow us to let our guard down, have fun, and take advantage of every opportunity to enjoy life.

You can also learn lessons from wild animals you if you take the time to slow down, be quiet and observe their habits.

You don’t have to go far to find these teachers…they are just around the corner in your back yard or community park.

The early morning robins chirping about gathering nesting material, looking for plump dew worms or a bumblebee so heavy with pollen it has to bounce from plant to plant just to get back to its hive, these examples are no different than our everyday lives juggling work, family and community.

Reptiles show us adaptability and that we need to be sensitive to our environment.

Mammals nurture their young for months even years and also have a peaceful playful side.

Fish and other underwater creatures display the need to keep moving forward with grace under pressure.

It is even possible to learn from insects that live in highly structured communities where each and every insect plays an important role in keeping the colony clean, safe and strong against predators.

Animals teach us a lot about life; responsibility, survival, sacrifice, and death.

All of us are drawn to a particular animal… some may call them our spirit animals.

Ask yourself what traits you find most intriguing and think about how you might reflect those traits in your day-to-day life.

It's natural to be drawn to the wisdom offered by these animal teachers and in doing so you may discover what is true in your spirit, mind and heart.

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When Jane Goodall was raising her kids, she said she used some of the things she learned from watching chimpanzees and their babies.
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