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This whole topic irritates me. In my county a few years back this yayhoo has a bunch of wild things, and his bear gets out and attacks the lady next door. Her daughter, I think a pre-teen had to lure the bear off her mother with balogna.

So we cry, why can this guy OWN a bear???

And we find out, to have AS MANY wild things as you want, all that is required is a permit that costs 40$. If you want a kennel license, it costs $50.

There are NO regulations as to the care or confinement of the beasts.

Ok, so all the AR groups are trying to push legislation through to go after dog owners and breeders, and nobody does anything about wild critters.

Wild things are better left in the wild.

They have limit laws for dogs, not so your wild things.
They have dangerous dog laws, not so for wild things.
Many states do have laws about owning wildlife. There are different levels of permits and you are supposed to follow USDA guidelines on housing & care. I agree though that people should not be able to own wild animals. Most people can't even care for dogs & cats properly. :( There do need to be stricter laws and it needs to be every state.

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