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Am I crazy

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When I was growing up my parents bought 50bl bags of Alpo dog food to feed our dogs. We didn't have shepherds (sans one shepherd/lab mix who terrified me as a small child) or any other fancy dog. Just mutts most of which just wondered onto the farm and took up residence. A few months ago I took in a husky, who reminded me how much I missed having a dog. I was almost in tears when the owner was found, and the place at the foot of my bed was once again empty.

Thus, my puppy search began. After some breed research, and my wife insisting not a husky, we decided on a shepherd. After visiting shelters and breeder we finally found Reagan, and immediately took him to the vet. I was still under the impression that the standard way to feed a dog was to buy a bag of Purina or Alpo and tuck it in a large water tight container where it would serve as a source of nourishment to your canine companion for several months. But, out of curiosity, I asked the vet what food she would suggest. Our vet, in not so many words, said Science Diet was the way to go. I thought to myself 'this food cost twice as much but the dog cost infinitely more than any other dog I had as a child, and i love my new pup so what the heck'.

Recently it came to my attention that Science Diet is a terrible food source, and descent dog food cost a lot. By my math, I could just feed Reagan a boneless chicken breast in the morning and some flank steak at night and pay about the same money (which is becoming a very serious consideration). Now I'm not a rich man, but I want what is best for my dog. And I have to say I'm a little skeptical of all these premium dog foods, after all some of my parents dog are still alive and quite happy almost two decades later (the ones who have passed, met ends other than poor food quality). The whole time they've been eating food that apparently should have my parents up on animal cruelty charges.

Now don't misread me I believe my pup is worth the $100+ cost of premium food, i'm just blown away by it. I haven't owned a dog in ten years, is this a new thing, or am i just too back woods to know about it? What should I feed my puppy and what should the cost be? What do you feed your dog? Has anyone else ever thought the same thing?
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I feed my dog TOTW at 43 dollars/30lbs. This lasts a month.

I haven't really thought hte same. The calcium content in almost every grocery store cheap brand is way too high to feed a larger breed dog safely and could easily result in a lot of issues. The preservatives they use cause cancer among other things, and the allergies that people don't even recognize are abundant.

I like my dogs to be healthy so I feed them good food. I converted my parents and have noticed a remarkable difference from their dog chow fed dogs to their better kibble fed dogs.
If you decide to go to raw, you'll have to feed 55% raw meaty bone, 45% muscle meat and 1% organ meat. Plus either green tripe or puried veggies. Just so you know.
What model is this info reflecting? I've never heard of or followed percentages even close to these while raw feeding.
You're so cute. I was the same way when I was a teenager.
I'm cute? I don't think that's very appropriate. I'm just wondering what model those percentages are from I know there are a few, but I've never heard of that and fed raw for almost a year.

The only point I was trying to make is that you cannot feed chicken breast & flank steak only. Need a variety. Still stand behind the percentages...only because it has proven success
You can make that point without giving information that might not be accurate that may lead the OP to believe is what is best.
Awe, come on. We can see you in that avatar and yes - you're cute. Take the compliment and run with it! ;)
I feel like you're trying to neutralize a possible arguement.

I will however, take the compliment and run. Haha, thank you. :p
Lisa, do you have any links for preparing homecooked meals the right way? I'm kind of interested in it with Frag's growing allergies. It may help the OP, too. :)

Is it cheaper for you than feeding a kibble?
Ditto, Rerun.
I just wonder, in another 8 years will we be feeding our dogs filet mignon and champagne?
Frag got three venison steaks for dinner a couple nights ago. :rolleyes:

I think this may end up happening.
LOL.. you're right. Math is not my strong suit, clearly. :hammer:
Don't worry, it's not mine either. :p

Probably a better place to discuss would be in the raw forum rather than sidetracking this thread, but to answer briefly I view the MM, RMB, and OM as the primary diet itself and consider all the other little components (eggs, fish, veggies, vinegar, yogurt, etc..) more like supplements that get thrown in on top of it. They are an important part of the diet, but in small amounts. They aren't a primary part of it.
I agree with this. I don't feed veggies/fruits/grains with my raw diet when I fed. I fed a slightly different (but probably still close with the rmb instead of straight bone) model, but I gave beans every once in a while, eggs weekly, etc. as supplements like Chris said. All reading I've done has said they are not necessary.

Sorry for the OT.
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