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alright...its down to these two candidates..

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After a long wait, its pretty much narrowed down to these two boys! Both would suit me very well... ultimately the choice is mine but i'd love your input.

This boy has the best pigment, very red/black, and is a tall/lean type of body.

This is the most people oriented, friendly pup in the litter, he is also the runt. He is not a longcoat.
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Both pups will be gorgeous dogs! Why not go for the one with the friendly temperament..? Regarding the runt issue, I do believe that some breeders on this board have said that "runts" can end up being the biggest dog!! If this pup has a laid back personality, he's probably not pushy about food with his litter mates. Personally, I'd check to make sure he is food/toy motivated...easier to train with !!!

I'm saying this from a companion dog standing. It depends on what you want to do with him. Good luck and pleeeaassseee post lots of pictures and send out PUPPY BREATH.:))
Oh they are both adorable. I don't envy you having to make that decision! But good luck
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Best of luck to ya!
I would go with the temperament first and foremost.......
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OOH! that's a hard choice....hmmmm! let me see....

Take both???
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I like # 1. Not that they are not both incredible.
Originally Posted By: moeiOOH! that's a hard choice....hmmmm! let me see....

Take both???
I second this idea. LOL Good luck on your decision, they are both so cute.
I like the first one best (although they are both so cute!) even though the other pup is the friendliest, I believe the other has just as much potential to be the same! My Vita was one of the friendliest pups in her litter and she has had a ton of anxiety issues.
Both of them are too cute!! If i had to choose, i would choose #1 also. Even though the second pup is very friendly, the first pup could just as well be a people person with the proper socialization.

Good Luck deciding, and post pics ASAP!!
What are your goals/plans for the pup. No all friendly pups have anxiety issues. What tests has the breeder done on the litter.

I like #2. I like my males to have a wider face.
How old are they in the pictures? Just off these photos I like the head on #2 better. Being the smallest in the litter means nothing, he may end up being the biggest. Having a social friendly pup is always a plus. If the breeder made a point of saying that then his socialabilty really must have stood out.
Coloring wise it looks like he will have the browner red and black coat rather than the orangy red and black (which I prefer). He'd be my choice of the two based on the photos and info given.
I agree about not all having anxiety issues. Vita was poorly bred- she has anxiety issues, elbow dysplasia, (which we had operated on) allergies, you name it. Her "friendliness" was the main thing I went on though and found that sometimes its not the main thing to base a puppy on. (My first GSD I got as a puppy though- live and learn right?) Either way they are both cute, I just love the colors on the first. I need to stay away from puppy pics- I have been wanting a puppy quite badly lately!
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Thanks for the replies! This is not going to be an easy decision..
Do you have to decide in advance? If not, I would suggest going and meeting the two pups and make your final decision that way.
Unfortunately he's coming to me from way out of town, so its all based on descriptions and pictures. The upside is I know i can't go wrong, cause both pups are wonderful.
The second pup looks like he ****MIGHT**** be a coat.

That could be true...we are not 100% sure about that yet, i should have mentioned that.
#2 looks like a long coat to me too. Looks just like the 4 longcoats I have had did as pups.
If you are not looking to compete in conformation showing then the coat isn't an issue. Coats physically can do anything a stock coat can do.
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