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Alpo Prime Cuts == 3 day old rancid roadkill

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What has happened to the Alpo brand? I bought a case for my dogs and now I'm regretting it. It stinks really, really bad out of the can. It stinks so bad that the dogs won't touch it. So I leave it out knowing the dogs will eat it when they get hungry enough. After 2 or 3 hours, the whole house smells like a week old rotting corpse. I've been tossing the excess in the trash and after a day or so you can't get near the trash can without an impulse to throw up. This is some seriously nasty stuff.

I don't know what happened to Alpo, but I would definitely recommend choosing some other brand.
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I hate to say this, but it's one of the cheapest things you can to Walmarts brand of dog food...I would feed it if I couldn't afford anything else, but as they say, what goes in must come out...and I know that my 3 dogs can't eat cheaper food...makes them stinky, tooty, and leaving cow patties in the yard...

I'd take the cans back and get something more high quality.
Sorry, Alpo hasn't been worth a penny for a number of years.

There are WAY better foods to feed - I'd take it back or just toss it and chalk it up as a lesson learned.
Just wanted to add, if it smells that bad please don't give it to your dogs. Not only is it a cheap dog food but there might be something else wrong with is. Please don't feed it to your babies. If you bought a case, return the unused cans to where you bought it and you should probably report it to the Company. You should be able to get a credit but you might also be saving your dogs.
It's going back to the store. I didn't buy it. Another family member picked it up on the last shopping trip.

Just for fun, I went and got a couple of cans of Pedigree (yes I know it's not the best either, but it sure smells a lot better). I tossed the Alpo out and scrubbed their bowls clean. I gave them the pedigree to see what would happen. What a difference. Sugar **** near inhaled her food and started singing afterward. It was hilarious. GSDs are fun.
Take it back! Were it me, I'd open a can, stick in a thick freezer zip lock and open it at the customer service desk-$5 says if you do that, you'll get all your money back!

I would also call the company to complain. Every time I do that, i get coupons for lots free stuff - stuff made by the same company but different brand names.
Originally Posted By: CalipsoI went and got a couple of cans of Pedigree (yes I know it's not the best either, but it sure smells a lot better).

If you know it's not good food why are you feeding it?
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Good I'm glad to read you got rid of that-its really not worth taking a chance. You might want to check out some of the Nutrition areas here on the boards. Theres alot of good information there and you may find that for about the same price you can feed them a much better quality of food. Honestly, I have three dogs and it costs alot to feed them but its really not that much more giving them a quality food and the rewards are worth every penny, Not only do they not have any skin issues but they are healthier in the end and thats what its all about.
Good luck and thanks again for getting rid of that food. It sounded like there could have been a problem.
Originally Posted By: Barb E.
Originally Posted By: CalipsoI went and got a couple of cans of Pedigree (yes I know it's not the best either, but it sure smells a lot better).

If you know it's not good food why are you feeding it?
It's a long drive into town. It was the only alternative available nearby and the goal was to see how the dogs reacted to a different brand of food.
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Alpo has never been a food of choice even before I knew whatnot to feed. I'm really surprized that people still feed their dogs that nasty stuff
There are certainly better dog foods than the stuff offered by the local grocery store. Most of my dogs have been eating a mix of kibble and canned, typically pedigree and IAMS without any problems. My last shepherd lived to be 15 years old eating it without any real health problems until the last 3 months of her life. My cocker spaniel is 17+ and getting rather slow in his old age, but doing well otherwise.

Sugar's diet has been can + kibble and the occasional squirrel and dove.
what are you doing, mixing the canned with the kibble? if so, i would either go with a premium canned brand, or prepare your own meat combo and mix it in.

When I was a kid we used to feed our dog Alpo canned food - until the day I went to open it with the electric can opener and as soon as the lid was punctured, the liquid part of the food shot out of the can and literally hit the ceiling - that's how rancid the stuff was - and it smelled absolutely horrible. It was winter time and I put the can in two plastic bags and set it outside and when my parents came home they could smell it.

Currently for Kaiser we mix a tablespoon full or so of Merrick Grammy's Pot Pie with his kibble (Innova Large Breed Adult with a little Evo Red Meat Large Bites mixed in) and he loves it! There are all kinds of flavors of the Merrick canned food, but he prefers the pot pie
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