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So today I almost had a heart attack... I was over a friends place letting our dogs play and there was about a 1.5ft gap between the house and the end of the fence and of course Penny found it! (I didnt even know it was there) Its only been (almost) 6 months since the horrific trauma I endured with Diesel and her being hit by a truck in front of me.

The house has about a 4ft wide section of grass between it and a road (its called the back highway the speed limit is 80kms/hr) and people fly down it. I flew over the 5ft fence and yelled "Penny COME!" she stopped dead in her tracks and came right over to me. I grabbed her and held her until my friend brought her leash.

I was having a major panic attack and I couldnt breath, and it took me a good 15 minuets to calm down. Penny at this point would not leave my side even after I recovered, she wanted nothing to do with my friends golden, and sat right at my feet staring at me as if to say "ill protect you".

I honestly feel Diesel was looking out for us, I know some would call me crazy but I could feel her presence afterward. There were several cars passing and Penny thankfully stayed away from the road, I am also thankful that I have been working really hard at her recall (which I haven't needed to really use much as when we are in a non-fenced area she is on her 30ft long line), and she didn't hesitate to come.

Needless to say Penny wont be going back over there until my friend fixes his fence!
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