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My Dixie will be 8 wks (from date of mating) on Wednesday.
She is a gem of a dog & of course we love her.

I am inexpierenced, but have tried to keep very educated (while trying also not to get information overload) and we have been in constant contact w/ our vet, as well as will have a contact # for when she goes into labor (o/c shifts rotate so who it is depends on when she starts labor...)

Mainly i'm just looking for your wisdom on obvious reasons for distress.
i've read that you should call a vet if she doesn't throw a pup every 2 hrs; i've also read that you can go as long as 4 if she isn't in distress...

am i correct in assuming "distress" = whining, struggling (contracting w/ no results), general anxious / abnormal behavior?

she's already begun to have occassional clear discharge & i've heard her scratching our carpet 2x (not excessively - but i can tell it's coming). . . she's becoming much more accustomed to being in her whelping box... I have a friend of the medical profession who will be there with me (figure it's the next best thing to a vet ;) ), supplies on hand to interceed if necessary & feel confident i can help her if one comes out feet first (down & out right?)

I guess i just want to feel as confident as possible so i put off good vibes for here :).

any tips would be appreciated MUCH...
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