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Allergy Help?

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Alright, for the weekend of the 19th, mom, moms boyfriend, moms boyfriends son and my little brother are planning on going camping.

I want to go but the problem is, I'd have to take Chance otherwise he'll be kicked out to the backyard with no shelter and not let in no matter what kind of weather knowing my brother. >___>; Therefore he's not being left at home if I go.

I REALLY want to go (Camping was always my favorite thing to do as a kid and I haven't been in years) and I really want Chance to have his first camping experience. I think we'd both have a blast and it'd be the perfect chance to work on getting myself out of the house. (Agoraphobic)

One problem though...Moms boyfriend is allergic to dogs.
(If only she could have went out with the dog trainer who had GSD's. I begged her to try and hook up with him.

Anything I can do to help keep him from having problems with Chance? I don't think he much cares for dogs in general. (Bad choice in girlfriends man, we've got 4.) Thats the ONLY thing holding us back.
I offered to stay in our own tent and I can keep him brushed out before and during the time we're around him but moms still not sure. Anyone have any other suggestions?

And no, he's never been around any of my dogs. I've never even met him because he never comes over to the house, mom goes to his house. So I don't know just how allergic he is.
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If you can afford to board your dog, do it. I'd hate for something to happen while you are with them that causes you to lose this dog. I would not take any chances trying to introduce them on a camping trip. Just my 2 cents.
It seems to me if you are outdoors camping and not confined to a house, i.e. 4 walls, carpeting, drapes, (places where fur can hide), your mom's bf will be fine. Think of it this way, when you're outside with nature there are all sorts of animals not just Chance.
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Originally Posted By: Sean Rescue MomIt seems to me if you are outdoors camping and not confined to a house, i.e. 4 walls, carpeting, drapes, (places where fur can hide), your mom's bf will be fine. Think of it this way, when you're outside with nature there are all sorts of animals not just Chance.
agreed!!! just have your own tent.
Hate to say it screw moms BF puppers comes first
Why don't you find out how allergic he actually is? I mean, go over there and ask respectfully.

I have some life-threatening allergies. If I come within about 20 feet of a peanut, I can die; 10 feet of a walnut, almond or hazelnut, it's not looking very good. About 5 feet of a cat and I swell up like a balloon (it's a lovely sight). I'm a pain in the neck, I know. I take loads of medicines just to control this enough to function in real life.

Maybe the BF has this sort of allergy. If he does, then Chance will harm him, because every exposure is harmful and it makes every subsequent exposure that much worse. BUT, it's also possible that he just gets kind of snuffly/hayfever symptoms that are easily controlled by Zyrtec (I live on that stuff. I buy it by the caseload). Maybe he's really just afraid of big dogs, and he's ALWAYS used allergies as a "cool" way to get around saying "I'm terrified of dogs." But if you explain to him all of the training that you've done with Chance, and if you work something out that you'll keep Chance at least 6 feet away from him (as well as sleeping in your own tent), he might feel a lot better about that.

The thing is, we don't know what the BF's real deal is. I think this is a great time to have a real adult conversation with the BF. You're a dog lover. You have a dog you love. Mom loves (or at least, really likes) the BF. He has issues with your dog. Let's see if we can figure out a respectful way to make this work.

If he does have legitimate serious medical issues, I'm sure you'll respect that, won't you? My Dh hasn't had a Snickers bar in almost 10 years because if he eats one and kisses me, the peanut proteins transfers to me and can kill me nearly instantly. So he hasn't had a peanut, almond, walnut, or other nut product in about a decade. We can't go to ballgames. (My dogs suffer too. Camper will NEVER taste a peanut butter snack!
) That's what we do for the people we care about. It sucks. But we do it anyhow.
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I know about deadly allergies which is one thing I worry about, my mom is deadly allergic to latex. (So I have to be uber careful bringing home dog toys. =S) Used to she'd just get a rash and now her throat closes up and she can't breathe. They gave her 600mg of Benedryl last time she had to be rushed to the hospital just to get the swelling down. And the pills you buy at the store are only -25-.

He's NOT deadly allergic though (Thank God xD), I know that because his kid has a dog who's currently staying with him. Mom admitted he was having a few problems with George (The dog) so I'm guessing it's just stuffed nose type thing. Mom said she did talk to him about it and he's sitting on the fence about the idea.

I think introducing them outdoors is the PERFECT time. Because right after he has to "live" with my dog outside, he's going to come over and he's going to be in a house with not one but FOUR dogs including Chance. (He's coming to my brothers "going away" party.) Better to start outdoors with one than indoors with four.

If he was as allergic to dogs as my mom is latex, I'd definatally respect that no questions asked. But seeing as he's been living with a dog the last like 2 weeks (His kid lives in another state with his mom normally) I know he's not or I'm sure he'd be dead by now. I'm wondering if a fear of larger dogs DOES have something to do with it. I know his brother is really scared of them.
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