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AL-Potential litter of 6wk old pups

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My friend in AL (same one for Jodie) told me that there might be a purebred litter of pups that needs a home. They're 6 weeks old, and she is going to check them out today. I wanted to post the info now, just in case someone can take them. They might be able to get on the transport starting tomorrow coming up to NH.

If you are interested, email me asap! beagahoula at yahoo dot com

I'll post updates as soon as I have them.
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I sent you an e-mail
Got it. I just emailed my friend for an update. She said the director was going this afternoon to check on the pups. Hoping for a good update soon!
Still waiting, not so patiently. Hopefully everyone is busy with dinner. (I really just want to see pics of fuzzy puppies right now)
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Can't wait to see photos!!!

How many pups are there and what is there health status?
I checked her original email. There were 6, 6-week old pups dropped at the county shelter yesterday afternoon. They are supposedly purebred.
I sent you a pm.
Looks like these little ones are safe right now! 3 are in foster homes, 3 with the director of the rescue herself! If anything changes, I will be notified and will repost for help. Thank you!
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