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Hi everyone, :toasting:
i was wondering if there are any natural ways to get ticks off my GS...we had never had a tick or flea problem in the year we have had him, and yesterday while we were cleaning his are and getting ready to brush him, we found a good amount of ticks:eek:. We have no ide where they came from as we live in the middle of town no real grass around or anything like that, but they are here and we need to get rid of them:bump:. The vet gave us a spray for his are that takes care of heartworms and of fleas and ticks, and ofcourse they sell the meds for the ticks and fleas and the collars and all that, but i would like something natural too, something i can use to help remove the ones he has without hurting or drying our his skin. are there any out there?

thanks in advance!
Patton's worried Mami :paw:
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