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I was walking my 5 1/2 year old on a sidewalk after a snowstorm and a huge pile of snow/ice fell off the roof of a building onto the sidewalk in front of us. Think of a small avalanche...there was a loud whooshing noise followed by a big crash of snow. Unfortunately, I startled which i don't think helped matters.

She is now fearful of going outdoors. She stops at the door, sits down and plants. When i do get her to go out, she goes to the potty and then makes a mad-dash for the door to get back inside. While outdoors she is looking nervously to the sky, lip-licking and drooling. She does listen to me and will take a treat. Today, i had to drive her in the car to a field to get her to go potty.

We live in Minnesota, so we need to learn to overcome the fear because we can't avoid the snow.

Any ideas on how to help her overcome her fear?
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