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We use TOTW Pacific Stream and BB fish and sweet potato. We try to avoid foods with chicken due to allergies. We used to use lamb and rice food but too much gas:eek: for our dogs. Lamb just does not agree with our shepherds. The fishy type dog foods smell awful but the dogs just love them and at least they are not gassy. Ours love the TOTW and BB combo. We also add salmon oil to the dry food. I would still use the current kind you are using and slowly mix in the new stuff though. All are doing great with this fish combo no loose stools, shiny coats, no flaky skin and tons of energy. We get all of our animal supplies from Tractor Supply it is a lot closer and we don't have to drive 50 miles to a Petsmart.

oh you just reminded me i should see if Riley's current food has chicken and put him on something else to see if that helps with his allergies. I guess i find it strange that a DOG could be allergic to chicken...
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