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ADOPTED! Merced, CA- Dennis James - ID # 44409

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Dennis James - ID # 44409

Dennis James is beautiful male sable German Shepherd. He is active and playful and will make a great companion! Dennis is approximately 2 years old and about 60 pounds. This dog is available for adoption July 11, 2008! Because this dog is a stray, it is unknown if this dog is good with children, cats or if they are housebroken. You can pay the adoption fee before then to ensure that this pet will become your family member, if not claimed. Due to overcrowding, the shelter will be forced to euthanize this pet very soon. For general information about this pet, please e-mail [email protected]. To check on availability of this pet, you must call the shelter at (209) 385-7436. If you can help this dog please call or go to the Merced County Animal Shelter immediately. --Their hours are Mon-Fri 9:30-1:00 2:00-4:30 (closed for lunch from 1-2) and on Sat 10:00-12:00 1:00-3:00. (closed for lunch from 12-1). They are closed Sundays & holidays. -- If you are driving a distance, please call (209) 385-7436 ext 4806, and make sure this pet is still available. This listing was updated: 7/10/08

Merced County
Animal Control
Merced, CA 95340
[email protected]

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Re: Merced, CA- Dennis James - ID # 44409

Re: Merced, CA- Dennis James - ID # 44409

ADOPTED!Merced, CA- Dennis James - ID # 44409

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