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German Shepherd Dog
Large Young Male Dog Pet ID: 6/14-2410

Ceasar was abandon by his owner but we were able to get a few details from the person he was left with. He is 7 months old and supposed to be current on vaccinations but we do not have proof of that. Like most German Shepherd dogs Ceasar is very sensitive and today all he wanted to do was carry around his toy and whine. He is very confused about why he is in the kennel and we are very sad to watch him look for a way back home. Please consider Ceasar if you can give him an indoor home as part of your family, he needs to be loved and not deserted again! (770) 288-PETS. My I.D. #6/14-2410 please refer to this number when inquiring about me.

* Henry County Animal Control Shelter
* McDonough, GA
* 770-288-PETS (7387)

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Bump for the sad baby......
Re: More pics :(

Love his eyebrows! Mods, can we combine this thread? Someone also posted him on here this morning..Thanks!
Re: More pics :(

He's so handsome, looks just like my Luther Bear. Anyone, please?
Re: More pics :(

Oh now this one is grabbing my heart big time. This little boy needs someone to hold him and help him feel safe in this world. Gosh I'm close to saying I'll take him...can someone help this loving baby out???
Re: More pics :(

Thank goodness, I just went to check further on him-I was actually thinking about having him shipped to me...but Petfinder says HE'S BEEN ADOPTED!!!!! This little guy just broke my heart seeing him with that toy in his mouth holding onto the only thing he had. Hopefully he got a great home.
Re: More pics :(

Oh my....BUMP
Re: More pics :(

Oh thank goodness! My heart was just breaking.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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