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First of all, hi to all, my first post here :hug:
Right off the bat, i adopted a 2 year old male from a loving family, because wife started having really bad asthma and allergic cases a year into having that dog, someone explained that dogs started to change their coat from puppy to "normal" about a year into their lives...don`t know about that one, but hey...
I`m looking for general advice from people, who have done a crazy thing like adopting a grown dog.
It looks like they have neglected training him, he pulls his leash, has no reaction to his original name (Rex) and today i let him meet my neighbors labrador/ridgeback mix. Wow, that was a mistake. Neighbors dog is 7, sweet, but very active. A fight broke out, but i noticed, that it wasn`t one of those "to death" Looked like they both tried to prove something.
I will definitely look for a school for my dog, but as i said, what can i expect in the future?
P.s. we live near Munich, Germany.
Congratulations on your new dog.... I would say the first thing is to teach your dog to ignore other dogs and not to look for a fight. A well-behaved dog doesn't look for opportunities to get into trouble. That said, let us know how you're doing and how your dog gets along with you! I have a grown dog and we're just getting to know each other for now.
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