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Remy is about 9 months now and up until about a month ago has been very good on leash, social situations, etc. Recently he's exhibiting some troublesome behavior that needs to be addressed asap. He's great at the dog park—very friendly and playful with other dogs & people. We take him a lot of places so he can be socialized and see different things/people/sounds/etc. We also go to obedience classes & practice NILIF. However, he's been acting out lately in the following ways:

- before obedience class lots of barking/jumping/craziness when other dogs are near
- on walks, especially on our street, reactivity to dogs while on leash
- barks at people in front of our house (nowhere else)

We've been doing clicker training for obedience and he's very responsive to it, and if I catch him before he fixates on a dog I can have him look at me until they walk by. But, if I get it just a nanosecond too late or if the oncoming dog is a surprise (like around a corner) he goes into insane "wild horse" mode and the only way to get him out of it is to walk away from the stimulus.

My question is, can this be addressed with clicker training or do I need to add a prong collar or something to add corrections? Or is it something else? Overall he's very confident and learns quickly.

I don't want to chalk this up to a phase and I want to address it promptly. I'm absolutely willing to hire a trainer beyond the obedience classes but there are many schools of thought so looking for advice. Thanks in advance.
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