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Invest in a clicker and yummy treats, don't get frustrated as hard as it is because they read that, and start over like she's a blank slate. Puppies go through a butt head stage which is normal, but now that your home she needs to understand what you expect and respond accordingly.

Look up clicker training and make it fun. Start with short sessions no more than 5-10 minutes 3-5 times a day. Work on one command a week and give tons of praise when she obeys. When she doesn't obey don't yell or give up understand some dogs are more stubborn than others. If foods not her thing chose a favorite toy just remember to reward even small steps in the right direction. Mine is just coming out of a butt head stage and I had to step back and amp up our training a little. I was in the hospital for the better part of the month with my family caring for her so she got a little full of herself,lol Honestly a good book on clicker training and positive reinforcement will do wonders if you commit to it. Spend a lot of time with her one on one, walk her often, and she will in turn revert back to the sweet girl she was before:)
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