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ADOAPTED! Gloucester, VA - 3yr / F / b/t

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I evaluated this girl for VGSR on Saturday, but promised the shelter folks that I would post her to the board(s) as well to see whether any rescue may have a foster home for her, in case VGSR does not. The shelter "tries very hard not to euthanize" but they are a county animal control facility and they are very full. Their volunteers are trying really hard to work with breed rescues and all-breed rescues to get dogs out of the shelter. They would be more than happy to let rescues pull and transport.

This girl is named Pampa after the road she was found on (Pampa Road or Drive - not sure which). The shelter guesses that she is about two to three years old, but she has very bad tartar on her back molars, worse on the left side than the right, and I would guess she's possibly a little older than 3. She's a black-and-tan girl and very, very skinny.

She is a very friendly girl who's happy to meet new people and likes to come up to lick your face. She will jump up on people when she's excited, but does settle down eventually. She knows sit, down, and come commands and will do them as long as I'm holding a treat for her. She won't actually eat the treat, but drop it and anticipate the next command / next treat. Once she calmed down, she walked nicely for me on lead until we brought in the other dog for the face-to-face meeting. She was fine with the other dog but took a dominant stance and wanted to be the one "in charge".

She's very sweet and outgoing with people. She also has a really good nose and knows how to use it - I had my bag sitting on top of a bin, and inside was a sealed Tupperware container with dog treats. It took her about a minute after walking into the test area before she found the bag and went looking for treats in it! I think she may be the kind of dog you'd have to really work with to keep her out of the kitchen cabinets, refrigerator, and trash can.
But she may not be quite as busy looking for food once she has some good food of her own and doesn't have to forage. She didn't care for toys.

DH holding her - I couldn't get a side-on shot otherwise because she kept coming up for kisses.

Gloucester County Animal Control Shelter
6584 Beehive Drive
Gloucester, Virginia

If an officer is not present at the shelter contact the dispatcher at 804-693-5290

I have another contact for a shelter volunteer who coordinates pulls / meets at the shelter. It's her personal cell phone, but if anyone would like to contact her about a dog, please PM me. I have her permission to pass it on.
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Re: Gloucester, VA - 3yr / F / b/t

Wow. Another pretty girl at this shelter. I hope she gets pulled.
Re: Gloucester, VA - 3yr / F / b/t

Re: Gloucester, VA - 3yr / F / b/t

From the VGSR contact rep for this girl ... adopted from the shelter!!!!!
Re: Gloucester, VA - 3yr / F / b/t

Yup. Just came here to post that
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