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We had our fifth class last night and it went extremely
well. Abby has really gotten into it the past couple of
weeks. I swear she is actually enjoying it.

Ive seen references in the past on some of the male vs
female threads that females are more serious. I think
I may be seeing that in Abby.

This was our last instructional class. Nothing new this week
just review of everything we had done so far.
Next week is the graduation class. The trainer is going
to have a little party with treats for the owners and the
dogs and games for the dogs to play.

At the end of the session we will have a little competition
to see who gets the title of "Best In Class".

I spent some time last night sizing up the competition.
The male german shepherd will be no competition at all.
He is a train wreck. His owner cant control him at all.
She even went to a prong collar and while it helped some
he is just plain unruly. Abby loves him though...

There is a female chocolate lab that may be hard to beat.
And there is a female spaniel/pointer mix that looks
pretty good.

But Im afraid the one that beats us all out is going to be
one of the little fuzzballs. Its a female Morkie. Which I
gather is a Yorkie/something mix.

This dog is nervous as all get out and throws up in the
car on the way to class EVERY TIME. But once class
starts and it settles down it goes through the paces
very well.

Its also interesting that all the dogs that seemed the
best to me were all females.

So Abby and I have a lot of work to do this week
preparing for the final class. Its going to be like
cramming for final exams...

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Glad it's going so well and thanks for the update. Keep up the good work!

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Go Abby! I know she can beat that little yorkie mix! Sounds like Abby is doing well!
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