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A wonderful start to my day

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For a few months now Flash's immaturity has been showing big time in tracking. What was once a very intense, focused, and deep nosed puppy became a rushed, haphazzardly tracking just enough to get to the end rebelious adolescent. This morning it just clicked with him. He did phenomenol, was back to his old self and on the most difficult track he's done in a while. I lost the track a couple of times which in the last several months would have spelled disaster but HE showed me where the track was. And to top it off there was a police officer watching the whole time and when we were done the officer just had to come talk with me because of how cool the tracking was! The officer was very impressed and couldn't stop talking about Flash's looks and temperament and training, even compared him to Dar, our town's police dog (huge compliment, I've met Dar and he is gorgeous with an amazing temperament).
We then did some obedience, again with the officer looking on, and Flash was perfect with awesome, awesome drive! It's been a great day so far.
I just hope he doesn't forget it all tomorrow. Don't you just love this "awesome today, forgot it the next day" stage?
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Way to go Flash

..setbacks are only there to remind you how much you appreciate the good training days..
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Hey that is great!!! WTG Flash!!

And you know what, Havoc has done the same thing!!! "what track....????" But yesterday he really did well too, so I really second your brag and know how good you feel right now!! I was actually starting to wonder if I had chosen the wrong sport for him, but his nose is coming back.
WTG Flash!!!! Awesome job!
I know Cody went through this same thing.. "what is tracking", he never lifts his head off the ground, even when he is going waaaaayyyy off the track, but I just kinda wondered WTH... I think they just go through their adolecense and then they realize what we want from them and they start doing it more reliably..

Keep up the good work!
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Oh Kathy I know EXACTLY what you mean! The first time he was track stupid I chalked it up to a bad day. Then it started happening more and more often and I thought either I was doing something very wrong or he's just not cut out for it. His breeder told me it's completely normal and that maybe we should stop tracking for a bit to let him mature some since he's got a good foundation. I backed off on the tracking quite a bit but after today I'm ready to do it every morning!
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I am actually thinking we may try for our AKC certification late this fall. I think thier little brains just kind of go to sleep for awhile as they really hit puberty.
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