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Well, I have to say I am very proud of Shania.

On Saturday night she earned her CGN at the Wheat City Kennel & Obedience Club show.

She had me worried Friday. It was her first time ever at a show. She has never even been to an obedience class. As such she was extremely distracted and completely blowing me off all day. I couldn't even get her to take a treat (bacon, chicken).

Saturday morning was better, we spent the morning practicing in the hall and I got some really good focus out of her.

This of course fell apart as test time came and I became super nervous.

The good news is Shania really, REALLY liked the judge. The bad news is Shania really, REALLY liked the judge. Much more so that her nervous wreck of a handler.

We did pass, but I know there were many things that she could do better if I hadn't been so nervous.

She did get ribs (minus the bone) for dinner after that.

Lots of other good stuff over the weekend. I got to meet some more really nice Rotties, one bitch and three of her last litter. There was a pair of adorable Swedish Valhund puppies there who might actually be able to put a Rottie puppy to shame. I also got my first experience ring stewarding at a Rally trial. Very interesting and learned lots.
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