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About breeding on with lines that have had serious temp problems crop up- Hearing from the breeder of my dog who said he had to euthanaise a dog who was a close descendent (daughter or granddaughter) of a very popular WL in europe for excessive fearfulness has made me question this. Also the original importer of these lines also talked of euthanasing a dog from these lines for or the same problem. Some of the litter were reputed good working dogs- but there is obviously some serious nerve problems in those genetics, which has made me question whether I would get a pup from those lines at all ? But then this is one of the most successful producing bloodlines in europe LOL

Because of the early temperament issues in the beginning of the breed, and due to heavy linebreeding on foundation animals is it likely these problems will always crop up occasionally ? and thus eliminating lines for a few bad problems not good for the overall gene pool and genetic diversity ? Or is temperament to valuable a trait to gamble with ?
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