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I write all the time-but I don't have the words to describe what adopting Wolf three years ago has meant to me and my husband, David. Ok David had the ideal GSD growing up and I always liked the GSD my friends had, but we really didn't know what we were getting or getting into. We adopted Wolf from the some of the world's kindest people at BrightStar, and they told me that he was shy. I learned over the years what that meant.

It meant that the dog is more sensitive and alive than most people. He interprets our every move and responds, often quite subtly. He absolutely loves games and movement. A bizarre scene here almost every evening is a 57 year old woman playing hide and seek on three floors of the house with a seemingly huge GSD (he has long hair) grinning charmingly with all those white sabers. Folks, I am scientist, pretty serious in my day job-but not with my lamb.

David has jogged regularly for 30 years, but it's a whole new activity with Wolf. Now David will get up at 6:00, after going to be at 1:00, because Wolf needs to run, rest, and then eat before we go to the lab. The dog loves running-and for those of you with shy dogs-it's a great confidence booster.

Anyway, it is impossible to say what he means to me-but he knows and I know (and you probably do as well).

Happy Gotcha Day, Dear Dog.

Mary Jane
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