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A little skiddishs

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My 6 month old GSD, seems alittle skiddish when she see's....Or what she see's as possible danger.I walked her tonight down the park in our sub,and our shadow from a light cought her attention.She growled just alittle bit,and then backed away....slowly,but then walked out to the end of the leash growled again, the backed up to me and sat right in front of me.Is this "Normal" behavior? or is she skiddish?? And mabe its cuz she is only 6 months old,i dont know.Thats why im asking.
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It does sound like skittishness/fearful behavior. The good news is that this can be helped somewhat, although it may never be completely resolved depending on her genetic nerve strength/temperament. Take your dog to obedience classes so you can teach her commands as a way of putting all her decision making in your hands as well as build her confidence. Agility would be great for confidence building. Read up on clicker training as well, another major confidence-booster and fun way to train!
Obiedience classes will also help with social skills, it sounds like she wasn't socialized very well as a young pup. By interducing her to new thing will boost her confidence and will lesson her fear.
I bought her when she was 3 months old,she seemed out going and not afraid,and we have trained her on sitting/staying/lay down/roll over,she does that very well,and walk her through out the sub,where people want to pet her.She does realy well w/interacting with people.Infact a couple of nights ago,we were walking down the park path,and a rock chuck had came out of the ditch that borders the path,and she went on guard.Ears up different stance,growled just alittle,i tried to walk in front of her and she would not let me,she would cut me off,and stand right in front of me.until the RC went away.I seen 0% fear then.What do you guys make of all this,im new to the GSD,Thanks
I think it could be a fear stage that she is going through. Your reactions as her pack leader will make the difference in how she handles the situations where she feels vulnerable. Seems to me that the pups go thru these about 6, 10 and 14 mos of age. But how we deal with it is really the key, she needs to look to you for protection and not think she is the protector. Carry treats or a valued toy with you while on walks and re-direct her attention back to you if she feels the need to "protect" you. I agree, that training classes are worthwhile, but make sure you find a good trainer and handle your pup yourself. Don't let anyone else correct your pup. Good luck with her and welcome to the site!
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