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My wife suggested that we try skijoring with Cassie. Our Regional Park District has equipment and several miles of X county ski trails at the location that is about 3 miles from our house.
Late this afternoon I called and asked about rental equipment, etc.
I have skis, but hadn't used them in a couple of years, and I have a harness for Cass. We headed out there and I was lucky enough to find some people there who were experienced and they helped me out a lot.
It was a little rough at first, but as soon as Cass figured out that all she had to do was run and listen to me, she was a natural. I bike with her in the summer and we had been working on gee and haw but she was a little rusty. Gives us something to work on.
She did well, stayed on the trails and other than a lot of back and forth at first, she figured it out and was having a blast.
We went about 2 1/2 miles with frequent stops. That was mostly my fault, I'm a little rusty on my
I called home and had the wife bring Gunnar out for a try. He wasn't that into it. He didn't mind running, but kept looking back at me like "why am I doing all the work." We had not trouble, but he just didn't seem to interested. Have to work on that with him. May try putting them together after we all get used to it. They do fine in tandem on the bike.
We're going to make it a regular thing from now on. As I'm typing, both dogs are laying on the floor, sound asleep.

Any tips or hints would be helpful. Advice on equipment, etc.
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