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Well Friends and GSD Lovers... :wub:

Don't worry much about ears... It is such a divergence of difference dog to dog.. My 6 month old "Wolf Caesar" just is only now straightened out the one wonky ear from a comb over... Still not perfect, but getting there, and they are waaaaay too big for his build right now...heh he

And now my newest pup to breed from in a couple years, Shaka, is way out on the other spectrum of things and She already has a party hat with ears up at 11 weeks... Mind you, only in the party hat stage, but still, it looks like her ears will be up at 12-13 weeks..

Interestingly She is aggressive and dominant and fearless... The Ears match her Character so far.. 11 weeks, 11 kg, about right coming from a 48 kg retired Police Dog mother...

Love your babies, and don't worry, almost all of them will have their ears come up just fine.. Mine were more than 3 months difference !!:hug:
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