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I'm a German national who got married to a wonderful Filipina nearly 30 years back.

The Philippines, where my wife and I live since 1991, is not only a very beautiful country but its inhabitants are extremely friendly and open-minded.

However, making a journey by bus in the Philippines can indeed be a very adventurous undertaking particularly for foreigners like me.

Please allow me to share this funny story with you.

Here we go!

A Filipino bus driver enters heaven

The entrance to heaven was particularly crowded that day. An odd
mixture of nationalities and professions milled about. Many were
showing signs of impatience, as they had been waiting since early
morning. Their processing had been completed but the gate remained

Some began to complain aloud. The noise was increasing.

Suddenly Saint Peter appeared and explained: "I apologize for this in-
convenience. Normally, it is not like this. I refer to the undue delay in
your entrance. All of you have qualified to enter heaven. But no ac-
commodations are available as yet. Yesterday's batch from a sea ac-
cident, an earthquake and a massive flood fouled up our preparations.
There is only one space ready but my angels are working double-time
to get you all in by nightfall."

There was a collective sigh of relief. A few who doubted their qualifi-
cations were particularly glad to hear the pronouncements of the good saint.

"Okay. Now for the one available space," Saint Peter continued. "I
will select one among you depending on your work on earth. You in
front, what did you do?"

"I was a pastor of a town church," the man replied.

"Kindly step aside and wait," Saint Peter said. "How about you?" he
said pointing to a man with a thick beard.

"I was a rabbi of a huge synagogue," said the man.

"Good. Step aside and wait," the Saint commented.

"And you? The one still holding a rosary."

"I was a priest of a major diocese. My congregation had several
thousand devotees," answered the man.

"You are certainly welcome. But for now, please go to the side and

Saint Peter then motioned to a grimy-looking Filipino.

"I was a bus driver," the man replied reluctantly. "I am ready to wait."

"No," Saint Peter said. "You can enter heaven NOW. The space avail-
able IS FOR YOU."

The three others could not help but complain: "Saint Peter, we did
more to save souls, but here you are giving priority to a bus driver.
Something must be wrong with your decision."

"Nothing at all," explained Saint Peter. "You see, when you deliver
your sermons, the people sleep. Whereas when the bus driver runs
his vehicle, the passengers pray. He has scared more people out of
**** than anyone I know."

With that, the gate of heaven opened and the Filipino bus driver wal-
ked in with a grin......

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Hi Kvonducati & Lisa,

Thanks for your quick reply to my post.

I'm glad that you liked the story.

Take care!!


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Very cute story!

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Good one!
We have our own version in Chile too

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That's cute! Thanks for the laugh!
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and thanks for your replies to my post.

It really makes me happy that you liked the story.

Good luck to all of you!!!

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