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Hi! This is my first post. I have a 12 week gs all white male named Zappa. He is the new love in my life :) He has been really great, caught on to potty training really fast, is pretty calm (for a puppy!), follows me and responds to "come", sits, and all that good stuff. However, he has a few traits that I am nervous about. If these are just because he is still such a baby please let me know and if not then how can I help him stop doing them!
He nips pretty hard. He will mostly bite our hands but also when he gets really excited he will bite our faces (mostly chin) pretty hard. This is freaking me out because he is going to be big very soon and I don't want him scaring or actually doing harm to someone. Right now my boyfriend and I will say "ouch!" pretty loudly and sternly and then stop playing with while giving him something else to chew on. I think he gets it and will stop for that play session but then will do it again later.
Along these same lines he is biting our kitten really hard! She is really young (ten months) and playful and at first loved playing with Zappa but he is now over twice her weight and will just pummel her to the ground and then bite her very hard. He is just playing but he doesn't understand it is hurting her. We have been very stern with this and pull him off and make him calm down by either rolling him over or just taking him out of the room and making him sit but he really won't stop doing this. It is like he doesn't even get what he is doing is wrong.
Then my last question is that he is very vocal around other dogs. He is great around new people, places, sounds but whenever he sees a dog, even one he knows, he will start barking at it. He isn't being mean but he isn't trying to play either. He will just run around the other dog about three feet away barking. He will eventually calm down and then play a little but he will do it again the next time the same dog enters the room (Zappa is our only dog, but our friends' dogs). I usually try to get him to sit and calm down but sometimes he won't listen.
Whew, sorry if this is overload but I am not having much luck with what I am doing. Also, I hate having to list all the bad things he is doing because he is an awesome pup :)
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