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A Day for the Dogs for a cause.

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Hi all I thought this would be cool for people to see went there last and going this year this is a blast.
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GSGSR sets up a booth at the L'Oreal Because Your Dog is Worth it Too event every year. Its a wonderful cause and is a lot of fun. The event gets bigger and better every year.
I hope to be there! Provided Tooz continues to progress with her physical therapy, we *should* (fingers crossed) be able to compete in the Dock Jumping event!

Some of the dogs who jump have official sponsors who get mentioned every time the dog comes up on the dock. Maybe Tooz could jump for GSGSR?
NJ...A Day for the Dogs for a cause.


Anyone else in NJ going?
Re: NJ...A Day for the Dogs for a cause.

I'm hoping to. I'm getting Gracie the bordatella vacc on 8/1. Canine influenza is pretty bad in Mercer right now - there has been a decided upswing of the virus......We've had 5 cases alone where I work, one boarding kennel is shut for cleaning and another is being investigated. I want to be really careful (okay, maybe I'm a little paranoid) when taking her out. We'll have to pick a spot to meet up.
Re: NJ...A Day for the Dogs for a cause.


Who is going??
Tooz and I will definetely be there doing the dock diving event!
Jen..I will bring Tooz's plastic bubble for you to borrow for Gracie.
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